Communities near Long Island, NYC

Why You Should Live Near Long Island, NY

Situated in the shadows of one of the greatest cities on earth, Long Island and Nassau County provides respite from the hectic hustle and bustle of The Big Apple. With amazing job prospects, shorter average commute time, and fantastic amenities, it is not difficult to see why so many want to call Nassau County, and especially Long Island, home.

Why You Should Choose Nassau County Real Estate

Nassau County is beloved for a multitude of reasons, one is the amazing quality of life that can be accessed in the area. From world class restaurants and nightlife to some of the top employers in the world, there's very little that Nassau County doesn't provide. With a poverty rate that is well below the national average and a rapidly growing employer base, many move to Nassau County from New York City and the surrounding communities to purchase one of the many Nassau County homes for sale. This is a trend that has led to Nassau County having an approximate homeownership rate of 80.1%, which is rougly 17% more than the national average. The median house price on the Nassau County real estate market is in the region of $458,000.

In short, people come and purchase Nassau County real estate to celebrate and enjoy living The American Dream while being in an area that is not as densly populated as surrounding communities and counties like Fairfield County, Bronx County, Queens County, and Suffolk County.

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